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My 2003 Chevrolet Suburban wouldn't go pass 30 mph & I took my SUV to two different local transmission shops & both were trying to charge me more than 3,000 dollars & after searching again I found Mr.Transmission & I took my vehicle to them the same day & I was instructed to leave it overnight & the next day around 12pm I got a call with what the problem was plus pricing which was way less than the other 2 shops & after 2 days I got my vehicle back w/warranty & my SUV has been running great since. Everyone at Mr.Transmission was very nice, polite, caring & what's important was they didn't make me feel like they just wanted my money. Thank You Mr.Transmission for great service.

Thank you Stephanie it Was a pleasure having you as a customer I'm glad we could help you outYou're Truly Welcome

- Mr. Transmission - Milex Complete Auto Care - Louisville #187A

I came to these guys to get a rebuilt transmission put in my vehicle. They charged me less than quoted over the phone and since I've had my vehicle back it's been doing really good for about a couple months now. I have to go back today to see why my vehicle is reving up again, like it did when the old teaamission 1st went bad. I am still under warranty though, so that's a plus.




I must admit I was a little leary at first about all places like this. However Mr Transmission on Dixie Hwy turned out to be a great find. Ben the manager is great – my whole experience was awesome and my vehicle was repaired and is running great. You don’t find many managers with the philosophy regarding great customer service like Ben displayed to me. Great place to go


Took our van here as our transmission was acting funny. They were friendly and took the time to listen to me and explain the issue. Its been 4 weeks since and we haven't experienced any further issues.


I brought my vehicle into Mr Transmission based on a quote I received over the phone to rebuild my transmission. After I dropped it off they called me and told me it was going to be two and a half times more expensive as the quote the gave me because it was "All blowed up inside" A friend of mine had recommended them so I trusted that this was the case. A few months later I took the truck back for an unrelated repair. Again they told me over the phone it would be about $1200 but after I dropped it off it was "all blowed up inside" and was going to cost $2800. At this point I became suspicious and took it to another shop who fixed it for $500. Now less than 50k miles later the transmission needs to be replaced again and it is of course not under warranty. These guys are straight up con men and they will steal your money.